Sunday, January 8, 2012

Change = Just what the doctor ordered

Hi all - Another great day. A challenging workout and then a consultation with a friend who begins working with me TOMORROW! :) I'm really excited about it, for a variety of reasons.

The big reason? We both are inviting change into our lives. How? By changing our workouts around, trying new things, exploring "unchartered" waters, so to speak.

I know my body is already thanking me for the change I'm giving it. I hope that I, too, can help facilitate change in my dear friend! :)

Even though I fall prey to being this way, I'm still surprised by the number of people who workout at the same time every day, doing the same workouts, to the same music, and many times, performing the same exercises over and over again.

And yet, people {myself included} expect to see continuous changes in their shape, their fitness level, etc. However, if they are like me, they probably stopped seeing results after the first couple of months.

There is one word that can help with burnout & injury - VARIETY! Changing things up will keep you away from boredom, the DREADED plateau and will help you prevent injuries.

But variety doesn't have to mean changing everything at once! Everything in moderation, remember? Perhaps you can change some of the variables with your workouts - sets, reps, rest times, weight selection, etc.

Other variables that will enable you to change your workout experience include the music you listen to, who you exercise with, the time of day you exercise, location, muscles worked, etc. Changing some of these things will help you keep your workout experience FRESH!

Remember, for your body to keep changing, your program has to keep changing. So all you marathoners, take a swim. All you swimmers, go for a run. All you class attendees, get on your bike. All you cyclists, get into a kick-butt fitness class {and I know a club that offers some GREAT ONES!!}

Change = good. :)

So, what changes will you implement THIS week?

All the best in health!

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