Saturday, January 7, 2012

Welcome to ASPIRE Fitness!

ASPIRE Fitness came about in late December 2011 as I was pondering my own desire to a. find more time to exercise and b. try new things to challenge my body and change my shape. After talking with many people, most of whom were women, it became clear that sometimes you just need that little BOOST of motivation, encouragement and {of course} the time in which to put that encouragement to the test.

ASPIRE Fitness is truly about working with your needs, your timeline, your budgets, your goals and your comfort zone. I am ready to help you in a number of ways: through one-on-one or small group training in your home; small group training at your workplace; or through on-site fitness classes that will focus on functional & interval training, strength, core stability, stretching and more! Bottom line - I will come to you. On your time. When it best suits YOUR schedule. And we will work. Hard. We will work to help you reach fitness goals you set for yourself.

Sessions are open to individuals as well as groups.

To get started, simply email me at or call me at 785.766.3492 and we can schedule a FREE 30-45 minute consultation.

It's that easy!
I look forward to meeting you! :)
All the best in health,
Tracey English

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