Thursday, January 26, 2012

No space is too small...therefore, "not enough space" isn't an excuse...

It's another one of those days when I know I am not going to get to the gym for a class. Seems some days are just like that, aren't they? So, I could resign myself to the fact that I can't work out on those days, or I can create an at-home workout that requires no more space than what you see above.

{Take no notice of the boy playing the Wii...I promise he wasn't doing it all morning!} ;)

Ok, so anyway, here is my space upstairs. Sure, I could workout in the finished basement downstairs, but then I run the risk of leaving the 2-year-old with her 6-year-old brother, and, well, I didn't want to chance it.

So, in this little space, I was able to master a nice and sweaty at-home workout that included:

Squat jumps
Jumping jacks
Burpees {hate burpees}
Tuck jumps
Bicep curls
Ab work
Tricep extensions
5-dice jumps {Chris' contribution to my workout,
taken from his days of conditioning high school girls in basketball}

And yes, more.

I was a sweaty mess. And I didn't leave my living room.

And, as an added bonus, I had a partner. {I'm loving on her little tongue sticking out. How cutie patootie is she?} So, oh yeah, I'm setting an example too. Gotta love that.

So, no more "I don't have room in my home to exercise" excuses. Any room can be transformed into your workout room. Throw on some CDs, your iPod, or Pandora's workout station and you're set.

{Or, just chime into MarioKart on the Wii as your music of choice.}

Allright, off to start my day!
All the best in health! :)

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  1. You definitely set a good example - Libby loves to exercise:)