Saturday, January 14, 2012

The mind of an exerciser {and sometimes, a procrastinator}

Saturday morning. 930am.
Class at 10am.
So warm in bed with little Libby.
Hmm, maybe I can go another day?
Maybe take a later class?
I do not feel like going outside. It is 8 degrees.

Warm bed.
I can workout on my own.
No, I need to go. Get up. Get out. Go!
So don't wanna. I want to be lazy.

I worked out yesterday.
I'll go tomorrow. I promise.
{{Inner voice isn't happy...just get out the door, you will be happy once you are there.}}

Begrudgingly, I am up.
Workout clothes on.
Driving on auto-pilot. Still wish I was in bed with little Libby.
Who can resist her plea: "Lay with me, mommy?"

I arrive. Door opens. Music blaring. Waking me up. Others ready.
Others pushing themselves too.
Get moving. Give me a jog, a shuffle, a skip.
Get that blood flowing. I love this song.
Turn it up.
Move to the bags.
Strong moves - make them worth it.
Why are you here? To work! What do you want to do? Succeed!
Music gets louder. Instructor pushes, inspires, encourages.
I meet a neighbor - my partner for today.
Working hard - together. Achieving more.

Feeling AWESOME. Working harder. Accomplishing so much more than if I had stayed in bed.
Taking time for me - reaching a goal. Striving for more. Knowing I deserve it. And kicking ass and taking names.

THAT, my friends, is why everyone should work out!
Those first 5 minutes are often the hardest of all!

Have a great weekend!

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